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Toadflax Nosely / Aug 31, 2015
The eggsodus from the faraway lands has begun and many, many new faces are seen both in The Shire and Outside.

A big welcome to all you travelers - hopefully you will get to feel like new citizens of Laurelin rather than eggsiles!

Feel free to ask for assistance if you need it. Twilight and Dawn is but a very tiny kin but can be found around Middle-Earth on most days, especially during weekends and European evening time.

There is useful information about Laurelin in many places, like the Laurelin Archives. For Hobbits, there is the Bramblebury Gazette, and other folks have newspapers too, at least the Dwarves do.

Of particular interest to newcomers, who may not know a lot of people yet, is the Hobbit Market every 2nd week which offers great quality crafting at affordable prices and you can look in the aforementioned Gazette to see when it's on.

As a PS, this website is currently NOT very active but as I said you may find us Twilight and Dawners in Middle-Earth.